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The Fakestival is the first and only Russian-speaking festival of advertising and design concepts.

It is forbidden to submit turned down or even not ordered works at “common” festivals. Such entries are hurtfully referred to as fakes, and participants caught in the act of faking are disqualified. For this reason we once created and organized the Fakestival.
The 6 years it has been on proved it to be something more than just a platform where one can display what is forbidden at other festivals and amuse people. The Fakestival turned out to be a place where one can find a buyer of the concept created just for fun, earn recognition of design and advertisement masters and even get hired by prestigious studios and agencies.

That is what we created Fakestival for

To stimulate "pure" genuine creativity
To give an opportunity to young creators to show their works to future employers and clients
It's fun!

Shop of Concepts

Every year, interested companies want to buy some concepts submitted for our festival. To contact the author of a work, they have to search for their contact details in social media, call the agencies she or he works at, or email us asking for help.
That’s why now the author can state the concept’s price for potential clients when submitting the entry if she or he wants. A special contact button will make it really easy to contact the author within a minute.
And it’s only the beginning!


Plywood moose

Legend has it that a toast was made up for the very first FAKESTIVAL that was supposed to be said during the prize-giving ceremony (no prizes were decided upon then): “To schmoosing without vamoosing!” That’s where the Plywood Moose came in. Then again, this legend can well be fake too.

Congratulatory cardboard sheet

A complimentary piece of cardboard for the winners. It is well-deserved and awarded with great pleasure (that’s what they say it says).

Fakestival. Concepts to improve the world