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Information Partners

  • Russian Association of Branding Companies

    The Association of Branding Companies of Russiais the leading non-profit organization representing Russian branding agencies that develop brands for consumers, companies, industries, regions and nations. It’s a round table for the market leaders and recognized experts in the field.

    The ABCR’s mission is to raise the profile of Russia’s brand on domestic and external markets by means of creating successful local brands.

    The Association was established in 2009, and as of today, it numbers 50 companies. Many of them are winners of prestigious Russian and international brand design competitions and awards: the Brand of the Year/EFFIE, Cannes Lions, the Red Dot, Epica, the Eurobest, the Dieline Award and many others.


  • Wordshop Academy of Communications

    The Wordshop Academy of Communications trains unique staff for media and communication industries. One year with us guarantees quality education and 100% job placement; our graduates work in most successful agencies and companies, and 9 of them are featured in the TOP 50 best creatives of the country. We teach art direction, copyrighting, strategy, visual identity, creative approach in digital media, project management and production, record production, media planning, video direction, script mastering.

  • Tagline

    It is the first and the largest Russian analytical agency which is regarded as an essential guide to digital production, interactive marketing and related services (CMS, hosting providers, technical and business automation solutions). It was established in 2006.
    The Tagline provides ratings and research for active use of website ordering customers and complex digital services consumers in all price ranges; the Russian brand managers and leaders of digital departments of large international companies use the Tagline products as a key source of information used to select companies to participate in tenders.
    The Taglines ratings, guides and selection tools are used to control around 1/3 of all budgets of corporate customers in Russia.

  • is a navigator of the advertising market in Russia. For more than 9 years, has been providing reference help to experts of the largest companies dealing with marketing promotion and advertising. The project is designed with the view of promoting strategic partnership of advertisers and advertising agencies of Russia. includes a research and information portal, the Adindex Print Edition magazine and the Adindex Maps, advertising market wall maps.

  • Association of Interactive Agencies

    The Association of Interactive Agencies (AIA) is a non-profit organization uniting the leading Russian companies that specialize in Internet engineering and marketing communication on the Internet. Its range of activities extends from website design and production, and application development to brand creation and development in interactive media.

    The Association was established in 2009 by representatives of the nine largest agencies of Russia: Actis Wunderman, Articul Media, the ADV/web-engineering co., Defa, Deluxe Interactive, QSOFT, Promo Interactive, the Grape, the Red Keds.

  • ABC show

    The collection of best world adverts ABC Show (Advertising Best Collection) presents works that won most awards of the leading international advertising festivals. It is no coincidence that the ABC Show’s slogan is Best of the Best — in the world advertising. It is only the ABC Show collection that shows the best world creative pieces in Full HD quality. Every commercial is translated into Russian and voiced by male and female actors. Traditionally, the right to open the ABC Show is given to top persons of most established award shows. Phil Thomas, Chief Executive Officer of the Cannes Lions, Kevin Swanepoel, President of One Club and others gave their welcoming address at the ABC Show. In 2015, the ABC Show was opened by Nicole Purcell, President of Clio Awards. As of today, more than 50 cities of Russia have seen the collection. The Advertising Producers Association in London recognized that the ABC Show is No. 1 regarding the number of shows.

  • Designers Association of Russia

    Designers Association of Russia
    Online Version

  is an information portal the members of which are newsmakers themselves. Every registered user of the online community who has a status of an author can publish information related to design (their professional activity). is a platform used to share professional experience, discuss common concerns, elaborate a plan of collective and coordinated actions aimed at raising the profession’s profile and the quality of education in design, as well as working with the authorities. is not just a place to meet colleagues but designers and government, industry and business representatives, as well. Here you can meet those taking interest in design, those who chose this profession or study or wish to apply, those who want to use designers’ experience and professionalism, those who need qualitative information on Russian and world design processes, or on people who script history by means of their projects.

  • B&D

    B&D Business and Design Institute. 

    The institute’s history started in 1995. The London International Business Academy and the Russian Office of the UNESCO Charity Fund for the Promotion of Education in Russia jointly launched the International Business Academy —a prototype of today’s institute. Training has been provided in accordance with foreign (mostly European) professional programs of further postgraduate education.

  • Reklamny Portal (Advertising Web Portal)

    The Rekportal Advertising Portal aims at covering the marketing and advertising market of Altai Krai, uniting the advertising market players, enhancing advertising skills and providing an opportunity to exchange information. Sections: News, Jobs, Persons, Competitions, Authors.

  • AdAsia

    The first website about advertising in Central Asia and Azerbaijan. It provides news on advertising, branding, pr, btl, media, and creativity. AdAsia aims at stimulating advertising markets of the countries, becoming more prominent at the CIS and international levels, and is ready to be an information partner and representative of advertising festivals and other major advertising events. Besides, AdAsia presents the first creativity rating of agencies in Central Asia.

  • Logosklad is a regularly updated collection of logos a graphic or outdoor advertising designer can urgently need. They are stored in vector formats thus fully allowing editing and scaling.

  • IDEA! Advertising Festival

    It is an open NATIONAL advertising festival for specialists working in Russia and the CIS countries. It is held annually since 1997. The Idea! is organized by the City Advertising Alliance of Novosibirsk and the Melekhov and Filyurin Advertising Group (Novosibirsk-Moscow), with the support of Russian professional organizations: the Russian Association of Communication Agencies, the Russian Association of Marketing Services, the Association of Branding Companies of Russia, the Association of Interactive Agencies.