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SITE DESIGN CONCEPT trading network.
International network of hypermarkets selling goods for repair and construction. Company history dates back to 1923 in the Nyo-les-Mines. Adolphe Leroy and Rose Merlin, partners in life and business, opened a commercial enterprise for the implementation of US Army surplus.

The sequence of semantic units on the home page is fully consistent user experience goods store - the user needs to first see the general information about the product, its global promotions and methods of communication with him, and then - a promotional offer, brought down in clear, logical groups.

Layout structure was originally designed with the most successful adaptive adjustment for all devices, leaving all the features available and convenient.

product page

All additional materials and important information are grouped on the main screen and are in front of the user's eyes. Each element on the screen is needed for the convenience of users, and helps to answer all questions as soon as possible for a decision.


Maxim Pavlov, Georgi Rostomov, Maxim Malyshev, Sergey Kondyk